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You have reached ARSI's online payment negotiation site.  This site can display the accounts owed, arrange a repayment plan, and process your payments with the highest level of security.  You can, at anytime, elect to contact us directly to discuss your accounts and situation.  If you elect to continue, you will follow these steps to complete the process:
  • Authenticate your access
  • Review the list of accounts
  • Determine a payment plan
  • Select a funding option
  • Review your receipt

By creating an account, you agree to electronic communications via your private email.  For security and privacy, do not use a business email account.


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This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.
If you are scheduled for court in regards to an account, you will need to contact the attorney’s office to resolve that court appearance. Setting a payment plan here does not relieve you of your court obligations.
All accounts may not be present on this site.  Accounts listed with a case number (example: 2018LM1234FO) may be accruing statutory post-judgment interest which is not reflected in the balance on this site.

If you have ANY questions regarding the listed accounts, click on the “Contact Us” link for office contact information.