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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Delivery Financial Services, Privacy Policy has been created to safeguard your privacy while you use this website. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please email

Information collected is securely stored and may not be available to you for modification once submitted. Delivery Financial Services will never sell this information or provide it to any third party without consent from you. 

Personal information about customers and/or patients may be collected during the account placement process. This information will NOT be made available to any other third parties. 
A commitment to use reasonable procedures to ensure that information collected, used and exchanged will be accurate and complete. 
Information that you provide Delivery Financial Services is securely stored. Once logged in, all of your communications are transmitted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted forms which ensure that the information cannot be intercepted while in transit. Credit card payments made are transmitted via SSL as well and the numbers are NOT stored in our database. 

Delivery Financial Services has made a strong commitment to collect, use and disclose information in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

All obligations may not be present on this site.
This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.