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Welcome to Aberdeen's online payment site.  This site can display your accounts owed, can assist in arranging a repayment plan, and process your payments with the highest level of security.  You can use the private messaging system with any questions.

Creating an account will allow you to create a repayment plan that is acceptable to all involved.  Setting up an account is easy, you will:

  • Authenticate your access
  • Review your obligations
  • Determine a payment plan
  • Select a funding option
  • Review your receipt

By creating an account, you agree to electronic communication via your private email.

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You can choose to contact Aberdeen directly at 918-794-0810  if you would like to discuss your accounts and situation.

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All obligations may not be present on this site.

 All payments are final.

 I hereby acknowledge and agree that this is a payment for a Court Ordered related charge that can in no way be disputed, charged back, refunded, or recalled. Should this charge be disputed by you without authority, you acknowledge and agree that you will be subject to  criminal penalties, including but not limited to jail time and fines as per order of the Court.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that by making this payment you are submitting a plea of Nolo Contendere on the cases attached.